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Very high quality Phoenix MultiPlus inverter chargers from Victron Energy. The devices can be used excellently in cottages, boats and vehicles. Can also be used as a UPS device. They are perfectly suited for cottage use, due to their very low power consumption, and they also have a sleep function. When the device is not in use, it automatically goes into sleep mode and thus drops its own power consumption to a few watts. This feature is very important, especially in autumn when the power output from the solar panels decreases.

With Phoenix MultiPlus devices, you can get all the comforts of home in your leisure apartment, from a hair dryer, to a microwave, to a borehole pump and even to a washing machine. A properly sized solar panel system produces all the electricity you need from spring to fall. In late autumn and winter, electricity is obtained either from an aggregate or from a wind generator. MultiPlus produces completely clean sine-wave alternating current. It is possible to connect in parallel, thus obtaining 3‐phase power.

Programmable to use autostart.

Note! Does not include battery cable

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