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We have selected for you a number of ready-made solar power plant packages for a leisure apartment where there is no access to the electricity grid or for a detached house where you want to be completely independent of electricity companies.

At Aurinkovoimala, you get all the comforts of home for a leisure apartment - from a hair dryer to a microwave, a borehole pump and even a washing machine. A properly sized solar panel system produces all the electricity you need from spring to fall. In late autumn and winter, electricity is obtained either from an aggregate or from a wind generator. The inverter produces completely clean sine wave alternating current and can be programmed to use automatic start.

Normal 230 V AC household appliances work with the packages. The packages contain everything necessary - including batteries. When assembling solar power plants, high quality, interoperability of devices, installability and reasonable pricing have been taken into account. Please remember that the hybrid inverter and subsequent 230 V AC installations must be done by an electrical professional.

The packages contain everything you need to generate 230 V AC electricity!

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