Solar Panel flexible 50 W

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Solpanel 50W flexible

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Product description

Ecoflex flexible monocrystalline solar panel with a maximum power of 50W and a top-class efficiency of 17.5%. The solar panel is water and impact resistant and can be slightly bent. Ideal for a boat or camping.

Our semi-flexible solar panels are made of a special aluminum-plastic composite. An aluminum core with a thickness of 0.8 mm is laminated inside the base plate. The structure gives the panel better stability without reducing flexibility.

This manufacturing process actively prevents the formation of micro-cracks in the solar panels

Since Motorhomes travel at very high speeds, this reinforced structure prevents the module from shaking due to strong winds.

There are no restrictions on the location of the installation on the roof of the motorhome. You can paste it anywhere you want

Thanks to the switching diodes integrated in the junction box, the panel produces electricity even in the shade or in the dark.

Thanks to the connection box installed in the front, the panels can be glued to almost any surface. Installation is very simple: the modules are glued quickly and easily with special glue (for example Sikaflex). Contrary to the picture, the panel does not have corner reinforcements.

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