PWM charging controller 20A

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PWM charging controller 20A

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Product description

Prevents the solar panels from overcharging the battery. With the USB connector, you can conveniently charge phones and smart devices. The charging operation of the PWM controllers is managed with the help of a microprocessor, where the device's intelligent pulse width modulation (PWM) achieves significant advantages in terms of the charging result. When the battery is full, the charging is not completely stopped (as happens in controllers operating on the charging relay principle), but charging is continued all the time by continuously pulsing the charging current to the battery, so that especially an aged battery is charged. The PWM controller therefore provides a clearly better charging result than a controller operating on the charging relay principle.

Includes outputs for batteries and a separate load.

You can connect panels totaling 260W (12V system) or 480W (24V system) to this controller.

Product details

Technical information

Maximum power 480W

Weight 0.5 kg

Maximum power 20A

Height 68mm

Width 124mm

Depth 35mm

Normal voltage 12.24V

Maximum incoming voltage 50V

Technology PWM

USB charging port

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