MT 50 additional display for Tracker charging controls

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MT 50 additional display for Tracker charging controls

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Product description

Additional display for second generation Tracer MPPT charge controllers. For example, you can monitor the charging in real time, adjust the load on and off and change the operating mode.


  • Automatic controller detection
  • Large LCD screen
  • Six keys
  • Real-time recording of energy statistics
  • No need for a separate power supply
  • Real-time failure status monitoring
  • RJ45 connection enabling a long transmission distance
  • You can see on the screen, for example, how long you can keep the current load on before the battery runs out, what is the current charge level of the battery and the charge level of the panels.


Product details

Technical information

  • weight 0.19 kg
  • width 114 mm
  • height 114 m
  • depth 36 mm

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