Water pump 12V

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Water pump 12V

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Product description

Easy to install and use!

The pump gets its operating energy directly from the battery and the pressure switch in it starts the pump automatically when the pressure drops.

The bottom valve allows the length of the suction hose to be increased to several meters (the length of the hose is, for example, about 10 - 15 meters with a lifting height of, for example, 5 - 8 meters), so the pump can be conveniently installed, for example, in a hallway or dressing room near the battery.

Water pump 12V

The pump is a 4-chamber piston/diaphragm pump. Its special feature is the bypass function, which guarantees a steady flow. A pressure equalization tank is not required. The permanent magnet motor with ball bearings withstands a lot of dry running.

Output 17 l/min max.

Max. suction height: 2.6 m (with bottom valve 9 m)

Pressure: 2.8 bar max.

Connection: for 13 mm hose

Max. thrust height: 15 m

Power consumption: 7 A max.

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