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Victron Energy

Blue solar MPPT 75/10, 75/15, 100/30

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Product description

Solar panel charging controls

The solar panel controller collects the energy received from the solar panels and stores the energy in the batteries. Utilizing the newest and fastest charging technology, BlueSolar maximizes energy collection, intelligently controlling the energy collection to achieve maximum charging in the fastest possible time. SmartSolar maintains batteries and extends battery life. Models: 12/24 Volt Where can I buy Charges Charges

MPPT: Ultra-fast "Maximum Power Point Tracking" technology

MPPT technology is based on the continuous monitoring of the output voltage and current of the solar panels (PV), which can be used to ensure that all the energy obtained through the solar panels can be stored in the batteries. The technology brings an additional advantage, especially in cloudy weather and when the intensity of the light varies constantly.

Load departure

The intelligent load output prevents damage caused by emptying the batteries. You can set the voltage level at which BlueSolar disconnects the load, preventing deep discharge of the battery. And best of all, BlueSolar tries to charge the batteries to 100% charge level every day. If this is not possible due to, for example, bad weather conditions, the system automatically raises the disconnection voltage level every day until charging to 100% is successful. This BatteryLife feature ensures that the batteries stay in optimal condition and extends the life of the batteries.



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