Battery monitor BMV700S / 702S

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Battery monitor BMV700S / 702S

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Product description

The BMV700S measures the current/voltage data of the battery and, based on this, indicates the state of the battery. The device is equipped with a potential-free contact whose operation can be programmed for control/alarm purposes. The BMV702S has the same features, but is intended for two separate batteries that you want to monitor.

Device functions:

  • voltage measurement, measurement of consumption/charging currents (up to 500A)
  • display of the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy remaining in the battery (SOC)


  • Aggregate start-up control based on battery charge data
  • Operating voltage 9‐90V
  • Own consumption 4mA@12V (backlight off)
  • Battery capacity 20‐9999Ah
  • Potential-free contact 60VDC/1A
  • Resolution for current 0.01A, accuracy +/- 0.3%
  • Resolution for voltage 0.01V, accuracy +/- 0.4%

Delivery contents:

  • Battery monitor BMV70x
  • Current measurement shunt 500A/50mV
  • 10m intermediate cable (RJ12)

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