Pre-programmed battery monitor 9-32 Vdc, 60A, IP65 PT60

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Pre-programmed battery monitor 9-32 Vdc, 60A, IP65 PT60

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Product description

PT60 is an IP65 enclosed pre-programmed 9-32V 60A battery monitor that monitors the battery status for you.

PowerTector is a battery monitor implemented with semiconductor technology, which monitors the voltage of the feeding source and disconnects the device from the battery if the battery voltage falls below the preset value. This ensures that the battery has sufficient voltage to start the vehicle or for other critical applications. Since the deep discharge of a lead-acid battery may cause damage to the cells or significantly shorten the life of the battery, the PowerTector can also be used as a protection device by setting it to disconnect the device from the battery at a lower voltage level, which still protects the battery from deep discharge, but maximizes the useful use of the battery.

Pre-programmed protection levels

All models of the PowerTector series are supplied with a selection of pre-programmed values, from which you can easily and quickly choose the switching value best suited for each use - either higher or lower, depending on whether the purpose is primarily to prevent battery damage or to protect important equipment.

A wide selection and versatile features

The PowerTector series consists of six 10 - 200 A models. The more efficient 40-200 A models, on the other hand, can be attached to the base, and thanks to the 3-point attachment, they can be placed securely even on an uneven base. The heat is caused by the specially designed aluminum housing, which means that separate cooling elements are not needed even when operating at full power. The connection of the power cords is made with sturdy bolts. The delivery includes the necessary connectors and the cable needed for programming.

Manual lowering

The 40 - 200 A models are equipped with a manual lowering feature either via the ignition switch or a separate operating switch.

Alarm and disconnection delay

After the voltage drops below the preset limit for ten seconds, the battery monitor activates an alarm lasting 50 seconds according to the selected method before disconnecting the load. During this time, the user has the opportunity to start the machine or otherwise ensure the continuity of the electricity supply. The feature is standard in the 40 – 200 A models.

Product details

Input voltage range: 9...32 VDC

• Output voltage range: 9...32 VDC

• Supply current: 0...60 A

• Housing: flush mounted

• Impact-resistant aluminum housing

• Connections: M6 bolt

• Operating temperature range: -25…+60 °C

• Enclosure class IP65

• Transient protection: according to ISO7637-2

• Electrostatic protection: according to ISO10605, ISO14892

• Dimensions: 76x78x33 mm

• Weight: 155 g

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