1000 W Sine wave inverter, 12/24 V DC / 230 V AC

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1000 W Sine wave inverter, 12/24VDC / 230 VAC

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Product description

The WE-12/24-1000 is a 12V sine wave inverter that offers 1000 W continuous power at 12/24 VDC supply voltage and is especially suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

They are stable power sources, e.g. for the supply of mains voltage TV and video devices, laptop PCs, measuring devices and electric motors.

The inverters of the WE-1000 series, which produce a pure sine wave, are suitable, like traditional inverters, for work machines, vehicles, RVs and boats, as well as for solar cell systems when you need mains voltage for the devices you use.

When the battery voltage drops, the inverters are automatically switched off, so that the battery voltage does not drop too low for e.g. starting. The inverters we represent have short-circuit, thermal and overload protection.

The input connection is screw terminals for battery cables.

The output connection is one 230 V schuko box (IEC83).

The device is "E" marked.

E-Number: 12V3528084 24V 3528086

Product details

• Input voltage: 10.7...16.5 / 21.4...33VDC

• Power, continuous: 1000 W

• Output voltage: 230 VAC, 50 Hz

• Efficiency: max. 85%

• Waveform: pure sine wave

• Total harmonic distortion: < 3%

• No-load current: <1.2 A

• Low battery voltage warning: 10.7 / 21.4VDC

• Low battery voltage cut-off: 10 / 20VDC

• Overload, short circuit and overheating protection

• Input connection screw connection for cables

• Output connection Schuko connector

• Dimensions: 395 x 236 x 83 mm

• Weight: 4.0 kg

• RoHS, CE, E-mark

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