Charger for 24V/20A LFP/LTO batteries BMS connector

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Charger for 24V/20A LFP/LTO batteries BMS connector

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Product description

High Power charger for 24V / 20A LiFePO4 and LTO batteries with BMS support.

Power industrial battery charger for lithium batteries with a DIP switch to set the correct voltage level for LFP or LTO cells.

You can connect 24V battery cells to the charger (8 LFP cells or 10-11 LTO cells).

The alternator includes a BMS management connector. The BMS system controls the charging process. There are three charging levels for BMS

  • Full charge 20 A
  • Slow charge 5A
  • Stops charging 0A

The charger is also fully automatic for stand-alone operation without BMS connection with an advanced processor controlled lithium battery charging process to 12V nominal voltage.

The Power charger is an industrial battery charger for lithium batteries, which can be used to safely and reliably charge lithium cells.

Technical information:

  • Input AC 230V (network cable to the network is included in the package)
  • Output DC 26.5V / 29.2V / 30.4V
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Short circuit and wrong polarity protection
  • Timed protection for download failure
  • LED indicator for charging status
  • Active cooling - fan
  • BMS option - connector for BMS (Battery Management System) interface
  • Small size and weight

Reminder: Although this charger is designed as a fully automatic charging device, it is always recommended to use the charger for continuous monitoring and monitoring of battery charging parameters. Make sure that the batteries or cells are not too large or unbalanced.

Product details

  • Weight 2.3 kg
  • Dimensions 71x145.5x184 mm
  • Nominal voltage 24 V
  • Maximum voltage 30.4 V
  • Charging current 20A

Shipping costs

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