Lithium battery pack 12V/60Ah for 45-55 lbs electric motors

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Lithium battery pack 12V/60Ah for 45-55 lbs electric motors

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Product description

Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are new battery technology and the best choice for boating and fishing. The package is suitable for 45-55 lbs electric motors

Due to the battery's energy density, the batteries can be charged very quickly. With an optimal charger, charging from an empty battery to a full one takes about an hour. The discharge current of the battery is also significantly higher than a lead battery and you get 100% power out of it. Due to these reasons, you can dimension the Ah power of a LiFePO4 battery up to half that of a lead-acid battery. By choosing a Lithium battery with a battery guard, you no longer necessarily need separate starter and electric motor batteries, the battery guard ensures that you always have capacity to start the engine. The lifespan of a LiFePO4 battery is about four times longer than that of a lead battery, so the price difference between the batteries compared to a lead battery is small. The battery packs come with a battery watch and a charger. A solar panel and charge controller can also be connected to the package.

Features that fishermen appreciate,

  • 1/3 lighter
  • 1/2 smaller
  • Fast charging
  • Withstand large discharge currents
  • No self discharge
  • No environmental toxins such as lead, mercury or cadmium.
  • Due to the charging and discharging characteristics compared to a lead-acid battery, you can choose a smaller capacity battery as the battery
  • Four times longer service life reduces costs.
  • Suitable as both a starter and a utility battery

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