Photovoltaic system 50W/12V narrow flexible panel

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Solar power plant for travel and boating

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Product description

Solar power plant 50W, narrow panel, with which you charge and keep boat, caravan and motorhome batteries in working condition. The package contains everything you need and it is easy to install. The panel is attached by gluing or using the installation holes in the corners. The flexible penile can withstand being walked on.

You can get up to 250W power from the solar power plant.

Warranty 2 years

Package includes:

1 pc Solar panel Ecowatt Flexible narrow 50W

1 pc Charge controller PWM 20A

4 m Connection cable with plugs between panel and charge controller 2.5 mm2

2 m Connection cable with flat connectors between the charging controller and the battery, 6 mm2

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