Solar system 320W for a summer house

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Solar power plant 320W

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Product description

Top class 320W solar power plant for summer cottages and places where there is no electricity network available. 2x160W panel together with MPPT charge controller you get a good efficiency. At the solar power plant, you can use home appliances such as; coffee machine, TV, lighting and you can also charge your smart devices. You can also connect a mains power inverter to the system, with which you use 230V household appliances. The solar power plant is assembled from high-quality parts that fit together and is easy to install.

Package includes:

2 pcs 170W Ecowatt solar panel

1 pc 20A Epever charge controller

10 m installation cable panel charging controller with connectors 2.5mm2

2 m installation cable charge controller-battery with flat connector 6mm2

1 pair of MC4T connectors

1 pc 200Ah AGM battery















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