Hybrid Inverter charger 5KVA 48V MPPT 80A

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Hybrid Inverter charger 5KVA 48V MPPT 80A

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Product description

Hybrid inverter 3KW 48V MPPT 80A-Ecowatt


Enjoy a constant and reliable power supply regardless of whether the network is available or not. The energy produced by Ecowatt inverters is intelligently controlled from different power sources. The user can define all parameters: the use of batteries, solar or AC power source (mains or generator). If the yield from the solar panels is not enough for consumption, Ecowatt can take the missing energy from another power source. The Ecowatt Inverter stores solar energy in the batteries for later use in the evening and at night. In a closed system, Ecowatt can be connected to an aggregate, thus ensuring the charge status of the batteries if they are empty and the production of solar energy is insufficient.

The inverter can work with several different energy sources, such as:

  • electrical grid
  • solar panels
  • aggregate
  • battery

The microprocessor controls the energy production, consumption and battery charging status. It is possible to monitor the operation of the device in real time locally or remotely. The Ecowatt frequency converter does not generate power into the power grid.


Can use Solar panels, aggregate and electrical network to charge batteries.

Downloading via the network can be blocked.

30-60V input voltage (useful for fluctuating networks)

Financial condition (restriction of own consumption).

Fine-tuning of battery charging characteristics

Automatic restart in case of overload and overheat trip

The ability to limit battery discharge to extend their life

Overload bypass (allows transfer to the grid in case of peak consumption)

Battery protection


Example: with a consumption of 800 Wh, the energy yield can be as follows:

400 Wh from solar panels

400Wh, batteries or public network (or both at the same time)

This multi-supply technology can significantly reduce battery consumption and extend battery life.

Up to 2400W solar panels can be connected to the charge controller and it can be connected to the grid or another renewable energy source if the solar energy production is insufficient.


Residential, commercial and telecommunications services

Locations where the electricity supply is unstable

Items that are not connected to the network


The inverter can also be used without solar panels, in which case the device works as a UPS device. In this case, it protects computers and audiovisual equipment or other sensitive loads by providing a stable power supply. It guarantees uninterrupted power supply to consumer devices.

Electricity produced from pure sine wave inverters is stable.

The possibility of protecting one or more rooms in your home from uninterrupted power supply.


In this mode, the frequency converter uses solar panels to consume power and charge the batteries when the sun is shining. The inverter switches the consumption to the batteries at night.

A generator can be added to the AC input of the UPS to provide an uninterrupted power supply.


The inverter takes energy from the grid only if the batteries are empty and there is not enough solar energy to cover the consumption.

The inverter does not supply power to the power grid.

In standby mode, it is possible to connect only some of the consumer appliances to the inverter. In this case, the connected devices always receive electricity, even in the event of a power outage.

Ecowatt 5k models (each 5 kVA) can be connected in parallel to increase power. You can connect up to 4 devices in parallel to achieve a power of 20 kVA.


Ecowatt produces a pure sine wave frequency (pure sine curve) similar to that of the public grid. It can be used as a power source for all types of devices.


Ecowatt 3kP has a charging controller that works with MPPT technology. The charge controller is constantly searching for the nominal power point, which allows to get the best performance from the solar panels. The charge controller optimizes battery charging and extends battery life. It finds the starting point of the maximum power of the panel voltage and is able to match the voltage given by the panel and align it with the voltage received by the battery.


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Product details

Technical information

  • Length (W) 295 Height (H) 468
  • Depth (D) 120 Weight (kg) 14.5
  • Ecowatt inverter model 3kva-48V-MPPT-60A Inverter type OFF GRID
  • RS232 communication port
  • Operating temperature 0 to 55 °C
  • Continuous power 5000 W Starting power 7000 VA
  • Voltage output AC 230 VAC +/- 5% Input signal PUR SINUS
  • Transfer time 10 ms (PCs); 20 ms (home appliances) Conversion efficiency DC / AC 90 - 93%
  • MPPT controller type DC current (max) 80 A
  • PV power (max) 4000 W Voltage range MPP input 145VDC
  • Voltage input DC (max) 60 VDC Efficiency (max) 98%
  • Idle power 2 W
  • Battery voltage 48 VDC AGM, GEL, LiTHIUM (configurable)
  • Charging power AC (max) 80 A Charging algorithm 3 steps
  • Floating voltage 54 VDC Overload protection 62 VDC
  • Total charging current DC + AC (max) 140 A (AC charger and DC-PV)
  • When charging batteries with a generator, the generator must be equipped with a digital inverter and the electricity quality must meet the quality requirements of SFS EN 50160

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