Photovoltaic system 160W 12/230V for a leisure apartment

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Photovoltaic system 100W 12/230V for a leisure apartment

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Product description

Gather the family and go to the cabin a package with which, in addition
to normal household appliances such as a coffee maker and microwave,
entertainment electronics devices such as TV, DVD, game and computers

The package includes everything you need, with solar panels
you collect the sun's energy. The hybrid inverter charges the
batteries, changes the battery voltage to a normal 230V voltage, and if
the batteries are completely discharged, it starts a possible aggregate
to charge the batteries.

Enjoy a constant and reliable power
supply regardless of whether the network is available or not. The energy
produced by Ecowatt inverters is intelligently controlled from
different power sources. The user can define all parameters: the use of
batteries, solar or AC power source (mains or generator). If the yield
from the solar panels is not enough for consumption, Ecowatt can take
the missing energy from another power source. The Ecowatt Inverter
stores solar energy in the batteries for later use in the evening and at
night. In a closed system, Ecowatt can be connected to an aggregate,
thus ensuring the charge status of the batteries if they are empty and
the production of solar energy is insufficient.

The inverter can work with several different energy sources, such as:

electrical grid

solar panels



The package includes everything you need:

1 solar panel 160W

1 piece of Ecowatt Hybrid inverter 12V 1kW 50A

1 pc Voltronic 50Ah AGM battery

10m installation cable 2x2.5mm2

2m battery cable 2x6mm2

1 pc MC4 connectors

1 pc fuse

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