Lithium Titanate battery cell LTO 2.3V 40AH

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Lithium Titanate battery cell LTO 2.3V 40AH

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Product description

Lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12), LTO is the latest battery technology. For applications with high quality requirements such as high charging or discharging current, long service life and wide operating temperature range.

LTO batteries are safe and stable to use. LTO-based batteries have a lower voltage of 1.5V-2.8V (nominal voltage is 2.3V). Lower operating voltage is a significant safety advantage.

Fast charging and discharging, batteries can be safely charged with a current of more than 5C. Because of this, the battery can be charged in less than 10 minutes. The maximum charge and discharge current is 10C, in this case a whopping 400A!.

High efficiency: LTO-based batteries also have a wider operating temperature range and charging efficiency exceeds 98%.

Wide Operating Temperature: LTO-based batteries offer much better low-temperature performance than carbon-based batteries. The temperature range of the operating environment is -50 °C to 65 °C.

Extremely long life cycle. The long life and high performance of LTO-based batteries also bring unique advantages in applications where maximum life is required. Service life up to more than 20,000 cycles.

Advantages of LTO cells:

  • High energy density, light.
  • Stable in bursts of large currents
  • Fast charge up to 10C charging current
  • Discharge with a long linear voltage level (2.4V to 2.0V)
  • Minimal overheating during use

Product details

Technical information

  • Weight 1.25 kg
  • Height 66 mm
  • Width 160 mm
  • Depth 66 mm
  • The resting voltage of the cell is 2.3V
  • Size 40Ah
  • Maximum discharge current 400A
  • Ideal discharge current 40A
  • Maximum charging current 400A
  • Ideal charging current 40A
  • Operating voltage 1.85V - 2.8V.
  • Maximum continuous discharge current 10C.
  • Operating temperature -50°C to 65°C

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