Solar system Solax 5 kW 3-phase

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Solar system Solax 5 kW 3-phase

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Product description

Our solar power plant is built from high quality parts such as YingLi 310W solar panels, Solex inverter.

The average annual output of the 4,96 kW system is about 4,500 kWh. The best benefit is obtained in sites where the annual electricity consumption is about 18 - 25,000 kWh. This size is perfect for households where is electric heating. You can safely use the air source heat pump to cool it without increasing the consumption of purchased electricity.

We offer a unique 10 year warranty for the entire package. In addition, a 25-year operating guarantee for solar panels.

The solar power plant includes:

1 pcs Solax X3-4.0-T-D inverter
16 pcs 310W solar panels
1 pair of MC4 connectors
1 pcs safety switch AC 500 V
2 pcs warning labels

The package will go on sale in late May

If necessary, add the desired roof bracket model and state when ordering how many rows the panels will be installed.

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