Solar power plant microinverter DC/AC 760 W 230 V

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Solar power plant microinverter DC/AC 760 W 230 V

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Product description

1-phase solar power plant implemented with a microinverter. You can increase the power plant easily by purchasing new power plant packages and connect them as single-phase up to a maximum of 1.2kW or with three sets of 3-phase solar power plants starting at 1.8kW.

The solar power plant includes:

  • 1 pc APSystems DS3 microinverter
  • 2 pcs 380W solar panel single crystal
  • 2 pcs roof brackets depending on the roof material
  • 2 pcs connecting cable extendable
  • 1 pc warning sticker

APSystems DS3 Micro inverter has a unique design and sophisticated features. A 1-phase microinverter can control two solar panels with independent MPPT controllers. Thanks to Zigbee data transmission, the inverter works faster than traditional PLC data transmission. Wider MPPT voltage and higher energy output.


The precise control technology of the APsystems DS3 microinverter produces a stable voltage in the network. Prevents reactive power and keeps the mains voltage within the tolerance range.


DS3 meets the strictest European standards and requirements.

The use of the best components and low voltages makes the DS microinverter very reliable and long-lasting.

Data transfer

DS3 provides ECU-integrated communication and interface functions. The monitoring and analysis application provides a user-friendly way to view the solar power system.

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