Winston 20 Ah LFP020AH 3,2V

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Winston 20 Ah LFP020AH 3,2V

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Product description

With lithium LiFePO4 technology. Capacity 20 Ah, size 178x71x28 mm, weight 0.65 kg

Battery cells are suitable for all transport applications, including electric cars. Also suitable for stationary applications such as energy storage. No self discharge. Can be loaded in any discharge mode. No memory. LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, no spontaneous ignition, no reaction with moisture or oxygen.

Battery size with 20Ah cells

1 cell: power 64Wh / width 28 mm / weight 0.65 kg

4 cells, 12V power 256 Wh / width 112 mm / weight 2.6 kg

8 cells, 24V power 512 Wh / width 224 mm / weight 5.2 kg

16 cells, 48V power 1024Wh / width 448 mm / weight 10.40 kg

Product details

Technical information

Weight 0.65kg

Height 178mm

Width 71mm

Depth 28mm

Cell resting voltage 3.2V

Capacity 20Ah

Maximum discharge current 60A

Ideal discharge current 10A

Maximum charging current 60A

Ideal charging current 10A

Operating voltage 2.8V - 3.8V.

Maximum charging voltage 3.8V.

Recommended charging voltage 3.65V.

Minimum voltage 2.6V.

Maximum continuous discharge current 3C.

Operating temperature -25°C to 50°C

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