Lithium battery pack 48V 400Ah 19.2 kWh BMS monitoring

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Lithium battery pack 48V 400Ah 19.2 kWh BMS monitoring

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Product description

The latest technology for energy storage in solar power systems.

400Ah CLAB battery pack. LiFeYPO4 cells, BMS control and monitoring. includes connectors fuse and insulated. The Clab Lithium LiFePO4 battery is for those who want to stay at the forefront of development and invest in a long-lasting and maintenance-free battery. The expected service life according to tests is about 2000 cycles.

  • Fast charging, good booking reception
  • The battery can be discharged almost empty (cf. 50% AGM battery) - full capacity in use
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver - monitor the battery status with a mobile phone application
  • An excellent choice for energy storage for a cottage, boat or motorhome
  • Can be loaded in any discharge mode - can't remember
  • No self discharge
  • LiFePO4 technology very safe, no spontaneous ignition, does not react with moisture or oxygen.
  • The battery pack is easy to assemble yourself, using the included installation instructions.

The battery pack contains the following products

32 pcs CLAB 200Ah 3,2V battery cell

Daly BMS

31 pcs connecting rail

Product details

Technical information

  • Height 182 mm
  • Width 279 mm
  • Depth 2272 mm
  • Weight 185 kg
  • Voltage 51.2 V
  • Power 19200 Wh
  • Capacity 400 Ah
  • Max. discharge current 4000 A
  • Optimal discharge current 400 A
  • Max. charging current 1000 A
  • Optimal charging current 400 A
  • Recommended charging voltage 56.8-58.4 V
  • Nominal battery capacity 400 Ah
  • The minimum voltage is 44 V.
  • The maximum discharge current is 3C continuous.
  • Operating temperature -45°C to 85°C

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