AOKLY AGM deep discharge battery 12 V 120 Ah

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AOKLY AGM deep discharge battery 12 V 120 Ah

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Product description

AOKLY CMO714 AGM - battery for solar power systems and other leisure facilities.

AGM batteries are maintenance-free and, thanks to special lead plates and a long service life, they are particularly suitable for demanding use. The batteries can be installed in any position, they are waterproof and do not contain gas, which is especially important in mobile applications.

Unlike lead-gel batteries, the internal resistance of AOKLY batteries is much lower, so the battery provides more current faster to consumer devices when needed. This allows even the operation of devices that need a lot of energy for a short time.


  • Suitable for demanding use as a consumer battery in tourist use
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Locked VRLA technology
  • Waterproof does not contain gas
  • Can be installed flexibly in any position
  • Long lifespan
  • 1800 cycles (DoD 30%) - Exceptionally long life
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • High discharge current
  • High cold start performance

Product details

Dimensions: 409x177x260 mm

Weight 36.3kg















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