Epever XTRA-N MPPT charge controller max. 100V/40A

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Epever XTRA-N MPPT charge controller max. 100V/40A

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Product description

A high-class MPPT controller according to the latest MPPT algorithm. The modular design allows the output and display modules to be changed if the need for use changes.

Suitable for lithium batteries in addition to lead batteries. Programming the controller via the display device. Able to control and indicate many inverters (manufactured by Epsolar). Extensive connection options for programming and indication: Bluetooth, Wifi, GPRS, RS485 and mobile app (some connections require additional parts). Versatile protections against short circuit, overvoltage, overheating, overload and wrong connection.

Withstands 100V incoming voltage and 40A current, so you can connect 520W panels with a 12V battery and 1040W panels with a 24V battery. The MPPT technology automatically adjusts the voltage and current ratio to suit the battery and is therefore 15-30% more efficient than the old PWM controllers.


Product details

Technical information:

manufacturer: EPEVER

model: XTRA4210N-XDS2

maximum current 40A

automatic voltage selection 12V / 24V

maximum solar panel voltage. 100 VDC (Voc)

maximum solar panel power 12V / 520W, 24V 1040W

controller maximum efficiency 99%

Idle current less than 14mAh

MPPT charging (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

fully automatic (charging, overvoltage, battery undervoltage cut-off, load, etc.)

suitable for use with open, closed, Lithium and gel batteries

the led display indicates the voltage of the solar panels, the charging current and voltage, the consumption of the energy consumed by the devices and e.g. the battery state of charge % (SOC)

operating temperature – 25 ~ +55 C

temperature compensation for charging

large connection terminal (for 16mm2 wire)

RJ 45 communication port to which the display device is connected.

protection class IP30

CE approved.

ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004

warranty 12 months

Weight 1.7kg

Height 225mm

width 185mm

depth 68mm

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