Huawei Luna 2000 battery pack 5kW

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Huawei Luna 2000 battery pack 5kW

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Product description

Huawei Luna energy storage, battery module 5kw. Suitable for solar electricity use with Huawei inverters. 1-3 units can be installed in the same unit, max. 15kW. Warranty 10 years.

Huawei batteries can be connected to solar power systems and increase the property's energy self-sufficiency, as well as improve the profitability of the solar power system. With battery solutions, you maximize the utilization of the produced electricity, smooth out consumption peaks, recycle inexpensive energy and, if you wish, ensure the availability of energy even during power outages. Solar electricity production and electricity consumption do not always go hand in hand. With smart battery solutions, you allocate the day's production to your own needs, such as charging an electric car.



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