Epever eBox - WIFI - 01

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Epever eBox - WIFI - 01 module

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Product description

eBox-WIFI-01 is a serial port server that realizes WIFI communication function of solar controller and inverter of our company. It can realize wireless monitoring and parameter setting of the system with mobile APP. Plug and play, easy to set up, and has many excellent features.

eBox-WIFI-01 line length 2 meters, communication distance up to 50 meters


eBOX-WIFI-01 RS485 to Wifi Adapter, Realize wireless monitoring function of solar controller and inverter

Support mobile phone APP(Android or IOS) only, plug and play, simple and convenient set,easy to read solar system datas in real-time and set the working mode when you want.

Use high performance CPU with core M4, communication distance up to 50 m, one-key restore the factory settings

Ultra-low power consumption and high speed data processing capability, no need of external power supply

Wifi module with communication cable work with all the controller and inverter with RS485 port


Product details

Model: eBox-WIFI-01

Input Voltage: 5VDC (Direct powered by RS485 port )

Standby power consumption: 0.20W

Operation power consumption: 0.25W

Communication distance: ≤50m

Port baud rate: 300bps~230400bps (Default 115200)

Communication: RS485 to WIFI

Interface type: RJ45

Connecting cable: Standard network cable (Parallel cable)

Cable Length: 2M/6.6ft

Mounting dimension: 41.2mm

Mounting hole size: Φ3.2

Working temperature: -35~75°C

Enclosure: IP30

Product Dimension: 5.1*6.7*2.45cm / 2*2.6*1inch

Package Size: 14*10*6cm / 5.5*3.9*2.4inch

Package Weight: 45g / 1.6oz


Please notice that the device is only support working with mobile phone APP (Android or IOS), it can’t connect with computer

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