BMS123 Smart - wireless battery management system Bluetooth 4.0A

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BMS123 Smart - wireless battery management system Bluetooth 4.0A

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Product description

BMS123 Smart - the perfect solution for managing LFP and Li-Ion batteries. Via Bluetooth using a smartphone, iPad, tablet or other device. BMS123 Smart - a simple, easy and smart advanced solution for battery monitoring and management with LiFePO4 support and Bluetooth management.

BMS123 Smart - Complete package (4 cells) you get:

1 pc. cell IN module

1 pc. cell OUT module

2 pieces. cell intermediate module (CM)

Connection cable for cell modules

Two sensors 100A (600A peak) to monitor incoming and outgoing current independently.

BMS123 Smart is a solution for monitoring and protecting all types of energy storage systems, batteries, accumulators and other energy solutions. The system has been designed taking into account the energy storage needs of solar applications.

BMS123 Smart provides a complete system for charging, discharging and monitoring LiFePO4 / LiFeYPO4 cells, aiming to achieve complete protection against deep discharge and overcharge of batteries.

BMS123 Smart is a fully modular system. Each battery cell is equipped with one compact circuit board. Three different types of circuit boards are required for the installation. One IN circuit board is installed in the first cell, one OUT circuit board is installed in the last cell, and two circuit boards are installed between the cells.

A 4-cell (12V) battery requires only one IN, one OUT module and two intermediate modules.

Between the cells of larger batteries (24V, 48V, etc.), the necessary number of intermediate modules are added in addition to the IN and OUT modules

Picture of the IN module

Picture of the OUT module

Example of battery configuration:

24V pack (8 pcs LiFePO4 cells) GWL / Power BMS123 Smart - Complete set includes 4 cells (1x first IN, 1x last OUT, 2x intermediate CM).

48 V pack (16 pcs LiFePO4 cells) GWL / Power BMS123 Smart-Complete set includes 4 cells (1x first IN, 1x last OUT, 2x intermediate CM) . Example of configuration 2P4S (eg 12V (2x100Ah)): For this installation you only need one 12V BMS kit. Two parallel cells are still just one cell.

Power BMS123 Smart is smart. The BMS system does not have a main control unit!. Everything is integrated directly into the modules. The IN and OUR cell modules contain all the hardware parts for the basic operation of the entire BMS system. In addition, the OUT cell module collects all the necessary data and transmits it to iOS or Android Tablet for Phone with the help of Bluetooth devices 4.0 LE.

Getting information about your battery has never been easier. Track everything, including daily solar production, daily energy consumption or, for example, the voltage of all cells on one screen. Get complete control over your home's energy production with your smartphone or tablet!

Advantages of BMS123

The compact plate is installed directly on the connectors of each cell
Single wire communication. Easy to install
Simple wiring designed for energy saving of the entire system
No extra main control unit
No external battery required; The BMS is connected directly to the battery
Detailed monitoring and balancing function in each cell independently
Check the status of all cells on one screen
Excellent price-quality ratio: a reliable system at a very competitive price
Adjustable integrated two-level low-power relays that allow you to disconnect the charger and load at a predetermined level
Optional free iOS or Android based software to provide extended control panels

Easy installation, easy setting, easy and reliable operation. BMS123 Smart is not suitable for batteries with LTO cells and a minimum voltage of 2V.

Product details

BMS123 Smart - Complete Set (4 cells) with Bluetooth 4.0

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