Mastech digital light meter MS6612

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Mastech digital light meter MS6612

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Product description

Light, easy to use with one hand. The light meter can measure fluorescent (brilliant in UV light), metal halide sodium high pressure and incandescent lamps. Auto and manual adjustment, autom. power off, MAX/MIN, 0-calibration, battery indicator. Comes with storage case, batteries and eng. manual.

Automatic and manual range selector
Automatic power off
Relative measurement
Peak measurement
Zero calibration
Selection of FC & Lux devices
Data retention
Analog bar indicator
Battery level display

Measuring range: 0...200,000 lux, resol: 0.01 lux, accuracy: +-(3%+2)
Measuring range: 0...200,000 FC, resol: 0.01 FC, accuracy: +-(3%+2)
Battery: 1 x 9V 6F22.
Size: 170 x 89 x 43 mm. Weight: 420 g.
Certificates: CE, ETL, RoHS
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