Kempten Moisture meter

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Kempten Moisture meter

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Product description

Kempte moisture meter 0.0 - 100.0%

The non-contact moisture meter is suitable for measuring the moisture of building materials, such as wood, plaster or cement. The meter has a minimum and maximum value display, hold function (HOLD), backlight, battery charge indicator and automatic power off.

There are clear symbols on the display.

In the package, instructions for use in Finnish.


Operating temperature of the meter: 0°C...+45°C
Measuring depth: 20 - 40 mm
Measuring range: 0...100
Batteries: 1.5 V, 4 x AAA
Dimensions: 235 x 73 x 30 mm
Weight: 280 g

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Product code: 8652
EAN: 6438152086520
Warranty: 1 year
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