Fronius Symo 3.7-3-M light

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Fronius Symo 3.7-3-M light

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Product description

THREE-PHASE 3,7 kW Light grid inverter

You can upgrade the Symo M light version to the M version by installing a data manager card. Fronius Datamanager 2.0 wlan | Electrotori

Fronius SnapINverter is an Italian quality product. SnapINverter is a simple and standardized installation system that can be used from private homes to large industrial installations. Fully integrated data collection, WLAN, ethernet, energy management and web server.

Warranty 2 years. By registering at you can extend your warranty free of charge. Choose either the 5-year Fronius Warranty Plus (maintenance, transport and materials) or the 7-year Fronius Warranty material warranty. Free system monitoring.

Within the warranty, you can overload the inverter by 1.5 times the rated power

IP classification IP65, dust and waterproof. The device can be installed outdoors.


SNAPINVERTER TECHNOLOGY Simple, standardized installation system, user interface and startup process. The connection area is separate from the power section area. The swivel system facilitates installation and maintenance.

SMART GRID READY Smart functions built into the devices, such as control functions for optimal supply of reactive and active power. Enables stable network operation when solar power systems are dense, and prevents supply interruptions.

INPUT LIMITATION Limits the amount of energy loaded into the grid when only a limited amount or no energy can be fed into the grid. Requires Smart Meter and Datamanager products.

DYNAMIC PEAK MANAGER New MPP tracking algorithm. Automatically checks the characteristic curve at regular intervals and finds the global maximum power point (Global Maximum Power Point, GMPP) even in partial shade.

READY FOR STORAGE All functions are built into the inverter, so it can be expanded into a comprehensive storage solution at any time. It can be used with or without a battery. Backup power function.

MULTI FLOW TECHNOLOGY Different DC and AC energy flows are possible in parallel. The battery can be charged from a DC or AC power source. Suitable for connecting to conventional transformers, expanding old systems, etc.


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Product details

Height: 645 mm
Width: 431 mm
Depth: 204 mm
Weight: 22.75 kg
Nominal power: 3,7 kW
Input voltage range: 150 - 800 VDC
Number of MPP controls: 2 pcs
Maximum efficiency/Eur. efficiency 98% / 96.2%
Graphic display
Warranty 2 / 5 years for material and manufacturing defects

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