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8 kW solar power package to be connected to the grid

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Ceiling mounts

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Panel installation rows

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HF installation cable 2 x 6 mm2 (black and red)

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MC4 connector

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MC4T branch connector

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Additional panel + roof bracket

You can increase the power plant's panel output by adding more panels

Huawei Luna 2000 battery pack

Improve electricity self-sufficiency with a battery pack

PV taustalevy

Product description

We deliver high-quality ready-made solar power plants that can be connected to the grid. All power plant packages include panels, grid inverter and mounting accessories. Our solar power plant is assembled from the highest quality parts, such as the latest technology solar panels and grid inverters.

The average annual yield of an 8 kW system is about 6400 kWh. The best benefit is obtained in locations where the annual consumption of electricity is approximately 20 - 25,000 kWh. You can safely use, for example, an air source heat pump for cooling, without increasing the consumption of purchased electricity.

Huawei network inverters are equipped with two MPPT controllers and have battery standby. You can connect the batteries to a system that can be connected to the grid to equalize energy consumption and reduce the amount of electricity sold. Huawei batteries can be connected to solar power systems and they increase the property's energy self-sufficiency, as well as improve the profitability of the solar power system. With battery solutions, you maximize the utilization of the produced electricity, smooth out consumption peaks, recycle inexpensive energy and, if you wish, ensure the availability of energy even during power outages. Solar electricity production and electricity consumption do not always go hand in hand. With smart battery solutions, you can tailor the day's production to your own needs, regardless of the time of day.

The solar power package includes:

  • 1 pc Huawei 8 kW network inverter
  • 20 pcs 400 W HC black solar panels
  • 1 pair of MC4 connectors
  • 1 safety switch AC 500 V
  • 1 pc warning sticker
  • Ready package for installation!

Add the ceiling bracket model you want to the order, information on how many rows the panels will be installed in, and the accessories you need, such as installation cables and connectors.

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