ULS-12-150H lithium battery with heater 12 V / 150 Ah BMS Bluetooth

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ULS-12-150H lithium battery with heater 12 V / 150 Ah BMS Bluetooth

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Product description

A heater is included. Suitable for installation under the vehicle seat.

  • Operating temperature range -20...+75°C
  • Charging temperature range -20...+50°C
  • The operating range of the heater is -35...+5°C
  • Storage temperature range -5...+35°C

The energy density of a lithium battery is better than a normal battery, so the battery can be discharged and charged in up to an hour, the weight is more than half lighter and the service life is up to 3000 charging cycles. A reliable battery equipped with a high-quality BMS will work for many years.

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries offer many advantages compared to traditional ones:

  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • The safest lithium technology without the risk of fire or explosion
  • Long service life, up to 3000 cycles
  • No self-discharge feature
  • Great stability with big loads
  • No memory feature
  • High performance in extreme conditions
  • Built-in BMS
  • Monitoring through the application
  • Small and light

Note: Batteries can only be connected in parallel.


Product details

  • Weight 16.4 kg
  • Height 187 mm
  • Width 332 mm
  • Depth 153 mm
  • Voltage 12.8 V
  • Capacity 150 Ah /1920 Wh
  • Max. continuous discharge current 200 A
  • Optimal discharge current 50 A
  • Max. charging current 75 A
  • Optimal charging current 45 A
  • Recommended charging voltage 14.4 V

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