Ultimatron gel battery 100Ah

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Ultimatron gel battery 100Ah

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Product description

A gel battery is a lead battery in which the battery liquid is a gel electrolyte. The service life of a gel battery is optimal compared to many other types of batteries. Up to eight times longer than a traditional battery. It is also most used for solar energy storage.

Ultimatron batteries are very durable energy stores, designed especially for RVs, boats and other solar applications.

In GEL batteries, the liquid electrolyte binds with silicon dioxide so that it is in the form of a gel. This enables more reliable and maintenance-free operation throughout the entire service life. Specially designed Lead Plates guarantee better stability and a long life cycle. This type of battery is particularly suitable for demanding use.

The batteries can be installed easily, are completely waterproof and do not contain gas, which is especially important for mobile applications.


  • Large capacity
  • Especially for demanding use as consumer batteries in efficient cycles.
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Exceptionally long service life.
  • Resistant to vibrations and shocks thanks to solid electrolyte.
  • Efficient fast charging

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Dimensions: 330 x 171 x 216 mm

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